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Autore Topic: v10 e perchè non poteva essere lasciata  (Letto 298 volte)

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v10 e perchè non poteva essere lasciata
« il: Dicembre 24, 2017, 02:44:32 pm »

Dr4v: Hey guys, as youve seen, we decided to extend the test over the weekend as people were enjoying it so much. The whole team was super happy to see you guys enjoying the new changes and giving feedback, both good and bad. I think everyone agrees the game has changed in a10.

So, alas, we are ending the test over Christmas, and, while everyone grabs their pitchforks, Ill attempt to explain the reasoning behind this. Firstly, you may have noticed that we were only running on a few servers for the preview. This is because the server performance isnt currently as good as in a9. It is first thing on our list to look at in Jan, but for now, we have been relying on VILayer lending us servers for the test as they have some of fastest machines going, and then communities like Mumblerines, BigD, and others with fast servers. We cant keep relying on VILayers generosity endlessly, and its also not really fair to keep hosting just on a few communities machines. If the game were otherwise perfect, yes, but that brings me to the next point....

BUGS. Lean doesent replicate. So you can lean out from a corner, and the guy you see never sees you leaning, he never sees that you are pointing a gun at him, and just dies. This is the kind of bug that ruins play in the long run, and frustrates players. And while some people play with zero problems, other players are crashing every 15 mins or less. Other bugs include a weird glitching for high ping players, that we need to investigate, and a new one just emerging that flags arent working properly. There are a lot of bugs tbh, and i agree that most of them are not gameplay breaking at all, but the lean one is, which is why we dont want to leave it up all Christmas.

Finally, some people are already talking about hotfixing the preview to fix things like lean, so we can leave the preview up. Our team have worked very long hours these past few months to try and get as much done as possible. This is the reason we were in a position to put out a preview at all. It is now Sunday Dec 24th. Much of the world is off spending time with family and friends for Christmas. Our team as well are people with family and friends, and life outside Squad. I hope you can understand that we as a company want our guys to have some time to disconnect from work, and to come back refreshed in January.

I hope some of this adds up to why we are not leaving the preview up over the holidays. As a final note, we have been gathering feedback from all players, and have a list of things to take another look at in January. The big things we have seen so far are, freelook sensitivity slider, reduce movement clunkiness, and take a second pass over movement speeds and stance transitions. Feel free to add more. Furthermore we found quite a few client and server crashes that we never saw in closed testing. So, all in all, Im glad the vast majority of you had a good time testing, and feel we are moving in the right direction, and we'll be on the case to fix all these bugs and issues, and get a10 out, polished and final in the New Year.

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